Hopes pinned on 2020

Roma Malik, Director, Rxpertize Hotels & Resorts, shares that while 2019 didn’t see much growth for them, especially when she floated her company, 2020 will be a better year.

Nisha Verma

For Roma Malik, who only recently founded Rxpertize Hotels & Resorts, 2019 was a year of discoveries. “While 2019 had been a relatively tough year for business across the country, for me it was a year of introspection and driving the entrepreneur in me to build Rxpertize. We have plans to add more hotels on management or sales & marketing contracts in 2020.

Currently, we are in talks for new openings in the Northeast, Amritsar, Mukhteshwar, and Ranikhet

Currently, we are in talks for new openings in the Northeast, Amritsar, Mukhteshwar, and Ranikhet. We plan to reach out for international representations and hotel marketing modules. The religious segment is also on the cards,” she says.

Claiming that their customers are primarily the travel trade network across the country, she says, “Our business module depends on the travel agent network. We have always safeguarded our travel agents from challenges they face and we plan to do the same in the future.”

The group will be using digital marketing tools to place the brand in the customers’ mind, as a majority of travellers expect hospitality providers to engage with them before and during their trip to enhance the experience.

Malik also believes that empowering the team is a great way to steer towards growth. “Ask for their inputs, ask for their ideas and insights, reinforce their beliefs with positive feedback, develop leaders, stretch each team member’s capabilities, mentor them, encourage open communication, and demonstrate that you trust your team. The success to growth is transparency, and effectively communicating the vision of the organisation keeps the team moving, taking everyone to the top,” she concludes.

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