Hahn Air salutes North India

Hahn Air organised a special evening for its travel trade partners at The Metropolitan Hotel and Spa, New Delhi, to recognise the top performing travel agencies from Delhi, Haryana and Uttar Pradesh.

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Hahn Air’s award ceremony saw in presence Dennis Huk, Vice President—Global Account Management, Hahn Air and Sanjay Shrivastava, Director—Global Account Management for Northern India, Hahn Air. India’s Directors of Global Account Management, Bharat Kapoor and Zafar Shamsi, were also present at the event. More than 150 travel agents attended the ceremony in which Hahn Air awarded 21 certificates of appreciation and nine ‘Martin Awards’ for top agencies, appreciating them for their continued support and growth.

India has become one of the five top markets worldwide for Hahn Air, which has become the leading ticketing specialist across the sub-continent. Shrivastava gave a product presentation of the airline’s offerings followed by an address by Huk, where he thanked the travel partners of the region and presented awards to them. “We want to appreciate the agencies, service providers and our supporters in the market. We are working with all IATA accredited agents with no differentiation,” he said.

Speaking on the sidelines of the event, Huk revealed Hahn Air’s strategy worldwide and for the Indian market. “We are further expanding and looking for new partners to increase our portfolio of airlines. Last year, we implemented 46 new partners to our network and we’ll continue to do so. We have already implemented many new partners this year, especially on our H1 Air services. H1 Air is our distribution service for airlines, which do not participate in the GDS,” he said.

We are already working with  top players in India with all the major Indian airlines on our system, including Air India and Jet Airways. SpiceJet is also on H1 Air. Our big breakthrough has been the agreement with Austrian Airlines

When asked about the International Air Transport Association’s (IATA) New Distribution Capability (NDC) technical standard and how Hahn Air is adapting to the same, Huk said, “It will be interesting to see how the new payments solutions from IATA will increase the travel agent network. We are looking into certifications and working with IATA and all the working costs involved. We are also looking at providers, because multi-ticketing in the industry and how to combine several airlines will be an interesting part to watch out for.”

In terms of ancillary services, Huk said that they have Electronic Miscellaneous Document (EMD) products. “We already have some partners for which we offer EMDs for seat reservation, excess baggage, etc, and have plans to increase that. With NDC, we are only evaluating things,” he said.

Sharing their agenda to expand the agent and airline network in India, he said, “We are already working with the top players in India with all the major airlines in India on our system, including Air India and Jet Airways. SpiceJet is also on H1 Air. We are always in talks with airlines. Our big breakthrough has been the recently-signed agreement with Austrian Airlines.”

Hahn Air works with over 350 airlines and the India market forms an integral part of its network. The airline even has a dedicated service desk for India which can be reached out to 24*7 days at serviceindia@hahnair.com.

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  • Last year, Hahn Air implemented 46 new partners to its network
  • The airline has already implemented many new partners this year, especially our H1 Air services

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