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Having launched its series departures to destinations in their portfolio, TravelBullz will now focus on driving traffic to Thailand, Hong Kong and Macau.

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I n 2018, TravelBullz is going to revolutionise the way FIT business is sold in India by travel agents, believes KD Singh, Founder and President, TravelBullz. He says, “We have very recently launched our new series tours. While travel agents book SIC tours, these series tours will have escorted tour departures and guided tours throughout the trips. We will stick to the basics in terms of marketing where we will aim at keeping our travel agents happy and their customers on ground satisfied. We believe that happy customers bring back more customers.”

TravelBullz recorded a splendid year in business in 2017 where the company saw humungous growth in traffic to Thailand from India, points out Singh. He explains, “We achieved results beyond our target. We clocked over 75,000 passengers from India to Thailand and grew by 55 per cent in 2017 over the previous year. Though Thailand has been an evergreen market for Indian travellers, the destination too is surprised by the booming growth.”

While travel agents book SIC tours, these series tours will have escorted tour departures throughout the trips

For the company, Tier-II cities displayed great potential for growth of outbound travel. Singh adds, “Some notable markets include Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Guwahati , Lucknow, Punjab, etc. We did face some challenges from the markets in Punjab and Kolkata for travel to Hong Kong but otherwise the pan-Indian performance for Hong Kong was also very encouraging. The trouble is mostly related to flight connectivity but overall, the growth has been positive.”

According to Singh, the FIT segment is doing well for the destinations represented by the company while series departures and MICE business has begun to pick up into Hong Kong, especially in the last quarter

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