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The Institute of Hotel Management (IHM), Ahmedabad, has set high standards of quality of education provided to its students with strong focus on fostering entrepreneurial spirit and research skills, says its Principal J.K. Mangaraj.

Ankita Saxena

What sets IHM Ahmedabad apart compared to other institutes?
The Institute of Hotel Management (IHM) Ahmedabad focuses on research and follows a disciplined curriculum with active industry and academia interface. The institute professes academic excellence through inter IHM students’ and faculty exchange programmes. At the institute, entrepreneurial mindset of the students is promoted with a strong focus on in-depth learning, which is academically, intellectually and personally challenging. Active involvement in the learning process to develop skills to take initiatives in a given business environment is encouraged. Learning at the institute is based on its relevance in the industry.

Which educational modules are offered at the institute?
We offer three year’s Bachelors’ course in Hospitality and Hotel Administration with focus on vegetarian food. We also provide hands-on training to the students. The list of major organisations at which the students are trained includes hotel brands like The Taj Hotels, The Oberoi, Hyatt Hotels, Radisson Blu, Hilton Hotels, ITC Hotels, AccorHotels, IHG Hotels, Marriott Hotels, Westin Hotels, Gateway Hotels, Fortune Hotels, etc. We hope to collaborate with international universities for hospitality education and also through Memorandums of Understanding (MoU), partner with entrepreneurship development institutes. The institute also has plans to conduct Skill Development and Training Programmes in Indian cuisine for international students.

How can the industry get together to enhance the potential of tourism and hospitality in India?
I feel the tourism and hospitality industry is booming currently. Many new destinations are now being explored for tourism purposes, enhancing the potential for India as a popular tourist spot. However, the major challenges which need to be addressed are proper tourist infrastructure; facilities in terms of accessibility; quality accommodation and basic amenities at tourist destinations amongst others. To address these roadblocks, the first step is to formulate a tourist-friendly National Tourism Policy. This should be accompanied by rapid development of infrastructure to enhance connectivity through all means of transport and also accessibility to information through the Internet. One also has to compensate for the lack of large number of hotel rooms in India which can be done through providing good quality budget accommodation. The tourism and hospitality stakeholders have to be sensitised regarding protecting the environment from commercial operations and they also have to involve local communities in tourism and hospitality services in order to make this industry sustainable.

Need of the hour

  • Formulate a tourist friendly National Tourism Policy
  • Rapid development of infrastructure to enhance connectivity
  • Increase number of hotel rooms in the country
  • Hi-speed Internet facilities at tourist spots

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