Globe 360 bets big on MiCE

Specialised in offering professional ground handling services to B2B operators in Europe and the UK, Globe 360 DMC is looking to explore newer itineraries for MiCE travellers.

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With a focused expertise in MiCE groups, UK-based Destination Management Company (DMC), Globe 360 DMC has experienced 20 per cent growth in 2017 in comparison to last year. Divya Gussain, Operations Manager, Globe 360 DMC shares, “In just three years of inception, we have seen around 20 to 30 per cent growth each year. This shows our commitment and hard work we have put in to establish the company in the Indian market. For the next year, we are targeting a growth of another 30-40 per cent in our business from this year.”

Based in London, Globe 360 DMC has branch offices in the UAE and India. In India, the company has two sales offices. Explaining more, Gussain mentions, “We are a DMC for Europe and the UK with specialisation in mainland destinations with customised bookings for B2B tour operators.”

In another two years, we are likely to come up with a new destination in the Baltic and Balkan countries. We are still working on background research on it

Talking about her plans ahead, Gussain informs that her company is currently focusing on existing plans and products but there can be new announcements about new itineraries in the next six months. “In another two years, we will be probably coming up with a new destination in the Baltic and Balkan countries. We are still working on background research and homework for the same. The offering is in the pipeline and we are trying to work things out with local suppliers.”

While briefing about Globe 360 DMC’s promotional plans, she says they are aggressively promoting their brand via advertisements and other promotional tools. “We are using various tools of digital marketing to promote itineraries and MiCE packages for Europe and UK. We are also attending all the major travel trade shows such as SATTE and OTM. We are also likely to attend TTF next year,” Gussain affirms.

“Next year, we have three-four fairs and exhibitions in Germany. For that, we are planning to do some contracting with some hotels for certain locations where we can promote the exhibition and trade fairs,” she further adds.

Expressing her views on travel trends, Gussian says that more and more individual travellers and bagpackers are visiting Europe and the UK. She adds, “For Europe, we have observed that millennials from India prefer travelling individually rather than travelling in groups. A lot of industry and students visits are also taking place towards Europe.”

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