Focus on innovative packaging

With new rail packages targeting specific segments, Pacific Travels is on a growth path, claims Nasir Zaidi, Managing Partner, Pacific Travels.

Since its inception in 1968, Pacific Travels has emerged as one of the top B2B operators in India. Talking about the company, Nasir Zaidi says, “Pacific Travels offers diversified services through various companies under its umbrella, ranging from visa facilitation service for Iran and Algeria, to securing scheduled or nonscheduled flight approvals from Director General of Civil Aviation (DGCA).”

They also create ease of procurement of services and assure value to their partners and clients. “While we facilitate travel and tourism to various destinations, we also make tourism boards, airlines and other service providers understand the growing Indian market and help them in establishing their business with India successfully. Pacific Travels extends some attractive B2B and B2C rates for the UK and other parts of Europe, apart from offering attractive packages to scenic Iran,” he informs.

“Understanding the need for newer experiences, we have meticulously created rail itineraries on prime rail networks like Eurail, BritRail, etc.”- Nasir Zaidi, Managing Partner, Pacific Travels.

Zaidi says they have experienced a steady growth year-on-year. “It is our endeavour to keep new and innovative products in our portfolio. Apart from our ticketing, visa facilitation and tour business, our rail business with ticketing and passes being issued to Europe, Canada, Australia and Japan have been a phenomenal contributor to growth.”

In the coming year, they are looking at introducing new products as well. “We understand the growth and trends in Indian travel market. Also, we understand the gaining maturity of Indian travellers and we wish to add products of more value to the market. We are looking at introducing and innovating new experiences, destinations and products which are suited to our clients and facilitate mutual growth. Valuing our partnerships internationally and understanding the need for newer experiences, we have meticulously created rail itineraries on prime rail networks like Eurail, BritRail, etc. and the same is gaining momentum. We are also offering scenic itineraries to Harry Porter experience as well as an experience on the Royal Scotsman,” he claims. They are adopting promotional techniques like roadshows and print media to present and promote their products. “We work on a focused approach with a clearly identified target audience and have been successful so far. Innovation and new experiences are the basic ingredients of our packaging. Newer and friendly destinations like Iran; and products like railway packages and youth travel have received a very positive response and are doing well,” he asserts.

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