FITUR: Ecuador joins as partner

FITUR 2024 Partner Country status of Ecuador allows the country to present its attractions and marvels to a worldwide audience at the International Tourism Trade Fair.

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Ecuador presented an attractive proposal as a ‘FITUR 2024 Partner Country’ at the International Tourism Trade Fair, to be organised by IFEMA Madrid at the fairgrounds from 24 to 28 January. Niels Olsen, Minister of Tourism, Ecuador, said, “FITUR 2024 is a unique opportunity to show the world all the wonders that Ecuador has to offer.”

Jose Vicente de los Mozos, Chairman, Executive Committee, IFEMA Madrid, highlighted the importance of the strategic alliance to promote, present and consolidate the destination of Ecuador. As the partner country, Ecuador significantly enhances its global tourism promotion and positioning. FITUR, a leading international tourism fair, boasts extensive participation and attendance by professionals from around the world. The partnership will further bolster Ecuador’s thriving tourism industry with tourism activity sales surpassing US $3.34 billion by July 2023, supporting over 600,000 families.

The historical connection between Spain and Ecuador has resulted in a rich cultural exchange. Unrivalled experience Ecuador offers an unparalleled travel experience, from the high mountains of the Andes to the biodiversity of the Amazon, the sunny beaches of the Coast and the natural heritage of the Galapagos. The country attracts nearly 75,000 visitors annually, offering Four Unique

Worlds for tourists to explore.

Mountains: Quito and Cuenca are UNESCO World Heritage Sites in the Andean region, showcasing contrasts and traditions from the mountains, including the impressive Avenue of the Volcanoes.

Amazonia: Beyond being the planet’s lungs, the Ecuadorian Amazon is home to several national parks and comprises more than 43 per cent of the country’s continental territory.

Coast: Ecuador’s 1,600 km golden beaches, mangroves, and diverse cuisines offer a feast for the senses, while the coast also offers adventure sports like surfing, kayaking, and paragliding.

Galapagos: The Galápagos is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, which boasts of a 97 per cent protected territory and a diverse array of endemic species, showcasing the country’s dedication to ecotourism and sustainability.



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