Etihad: Technology used best

The pandemic has impacted every industry globally with some, such as aviation, facing unprecedented challenges. Etihad Airways has weathered the impact of this crisis through a combination of transformation and innovation, adapting their business to the new reality.

Building on its tech-driven approach, Etihad Airways has introduced various measures to provide maximum support to guests not only when they travel but also when they plan their journeys.

Interactive travel map

Etihad has partnered with Sitata, a Canadian travel risk management company, to launch an interactive travel map on, the airline’s official website. The travel map uses advanced computer algorithms to detect new travel information across the globe. With this, guests have easy access to a comprehensive overview of the situation relating to COVID-19 at each destination in the airline’s network, while booking their flights.

Risk assessment tool

Etihad has partnered with Medicus AI to launch a COVID-19 risk-assessment tool that empowers guests to make informed decisions about travelling. The tool guides guests in evaluating the probability of having contracted COVID-19 by responding to 22 questions based on WHO guidelines.

Contactless check-in

Partnering with Elenium Automation, Etihad is the first airline to trial an innovative airport technology to help identify medically at-risk travellers. These contactless devices will monitor the temperature, heart rate and respiratory rate of any person using an airport touchpoint.

Enhanced mobile App

Etihad has also updated its mobile application, allowing guests to manage their journey with even greater ease. The relaunched mobile App lets guests manage their details, book flights with voice search and enrol in the airline’s loyalty programme. Uber and Google Maps are now also integrated into the App to direct travellers to and around the airport. If the status of a flight should change, an update is automatically pushed to guests through the App. Etihad also publishes digital travel guidelines regularly to ensure that guests are updated with any developments in these dynamic times.

Tech-driven sustainability

Etihad has an ongoing partnership with Boeing to test various technologies that make aviation safer and more sustainable now and for the future. As part of this, Etihad has been an early adopter of testing the Mobile UV disinfecting wand, a handheld ultraviolet light wand for disinfecting flight decks and cabins. The prototype was tested as part of Etihad’s participation in the 2020 ecoDemonstrator programme.

Partnerships between Etihad and the industry, including this programme with Boeing, accelerate technology development through collaboration and shared learnings.

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