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Sailing on the big waves of its small ships’ cruise experiences, Avalon Waterways invites Indian travel industry to utilize their attractive offers. They have reinvented river cruise ships to redefine the river cruise experience, says Varesh Chopra, Managing Director, Avalon Waterways.

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There is only one point of view on an Avalon Waterways river cruise, which is The Suite View. Their entire fleet in Europe and Southeast Asia comprises only Suite Ships, each featuring their Panorama Suites, having the widest opening windows, open-air balcony and bed facing the ever-changing scenery.

Varesh Chopra, Managing Director, Avalon Waterways, says, “Scrupulous Indian travellers know that it is possible to cruise without a crowd, explore new avenues with ease, and sail in a close intimate setting.” He invites sailors to board spacious and state of the art Suite Ships.  “Travellers will enjoy the company of an expert Cruise Director, appealing crew-to-passenger ratios, and the personal attention, which the cruisers deserve. Lastly, the seamless dock-and-go sightseeing with insider tips and experiences that only be provided by localites,” he adds.

Cruising has been a popular mode of travel for a few years now. In contemporary times of ‘doing something different’, Avalon’s River Cruising has come to prove that, when it comes to water bodies, bigger is not always better. All sit down meals, hassle-free excursions, proximity, very high crew to guest ratio, yet still covering cities and beautiful rivers – “That did it for us,” says Chopra. “I feel there is simply not going back, as people realised that travelling with Avalon Waterways was a great way to see the world,” he adds.

Avalon Waterways has pioneered the river cruise trend, since its very first set sail, presenting passengers on board their cutting-edge and award-winning Suite Ships with an extraordinary combination of distinctive views, diverse cultures, and timeless traditions. The perfect moment for fervent travellers to board Avalon Waterways and enjoy small ship cruising is right now, with open-air balcony and face changing bed.

Expressing his sincere gratitude toward travel trade, he says, “We cannot thank our agency partners enough for recommending Avalon Waterways and exceptional experience to their clientele.”

Size matters

River cruise vessels are built to slowly ply the world’s weaving and meandering rivers to port in storybook settings. Despite having passenger numbers low, Avalon’s onboard crew ratio is high. In fact, on every ship, the average guest-to-crew ratio is 3:1, which means travellers are privy to copious amounts of attention to detail with crew members easily and happily catering to guests needs. On an Avalon cruise, travellers glide along the picturesque vistas and engage in the authentic local ways of life. It is easy to step off-board and mingle with the locals and immerse in their everyday experiences. Beyond their wall-to-wall, floor-to-ceiling windows is a world waiting to be explored – Your Way. Whether you want to enjoy a guided walking tour of one of Europe’s great cities, join a cooking class or paddle a canoe, the Avalon Choice® selections of Classic, Discovery and Active excursions offer a wide range of possibilities.



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