DreamFolks charter new waters


After joining hands with DragonPass, DreamFolks is all set to cater to the B2C segment by offering their services on the website.

Dreamfolks, a leading lounge management company in India, joined hands with DragonPass earlier this year to enhance the experience of their existing clients and offer a taste of Indian hospitality to DragonPass’ clients around the world. As a mark of this partnership, they launched a dual branded card for customers, which, according to Liberatha Kallat, Managing Director, DreamFolks, is serving both Indian and international markets.

“Overall, the card has been well accepted and is in fact being introduced by banks to its clients for both India and international travel. Few months down the line, this card will be available on the DreamFolks portal for individual customers,” she added. As a next step in their growth strategy, they will now be entering the B2C space. Kallat informed, “At this juncture, we are very delighted to have partnered with DragonPass and are currently serving many clients in the B2B space. In the near future, we plan to open a subscription channel for our dual-branded card on the DreamFolks portal. Hence, with this move, DreamFolks anticipates that the B2C domain (along with B2B business) will also be a strong driver of business growth.”

Last year, DreamFolks served 1.5 million customers and they anticipate serving 2.5 million customers, including Indian and international this year. Kallat insisted that their main focus remains to enhance the customer loyalty programmes. “As of now, Dreamfolks is designing and running several programs to assist its clients add tremendous value to customer loyalty programmes run by financial institutions, airlines and other special interest groups,” she added.

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