Digital marketing: the way forward

AvijitArya, Chief Mogul at Internet Moguls, believes it is imperative for traditional travel agents to invest in digital marketing to get some direct business and is essential for sustenance in the long run.

Q) How has business fared this year? What is your USP?

Digital marketing is a booming business and is creating a strong impact in the world of marketing and advertising. The year is not over yet, but we’ve scaled new markets, introduced new revenue solutions and some software with solid guarantees of revenue expansion within the first year. Until now, digital and ad agencies helped hotels market themselves, there was no niche or someone coming to help hotels with pricing revenue coupled with digital expertise, I’m a hotelier and Internet Moguls is working for 120 hoteliers.

Q) Tell us about your upcoming initiatives.

Internet Moguls has recently introduced the Digital PR division to manage online reputation for its existing and potential clients because it’s again a niche and the hospitality industry needs more focus in this domain.

Q) In this ever-changing world of travel & hospitality, what is your growth strategy?

For any kind of growth you need to take that first step and the risk. We at Internet Moguls constantly challenge the status quo, the team is always reading, finding and experimenting with the latest technology. Growth strategy is very simple, we are nimble and go all out and create limitless possibilities for our employees so that they can think laterally as well as horizontally.

Q) What is your opinion on the increasing focus of digitalisation in the travel & hospitality industry?

Things have moved very fast and our industry is still waiting and attending conferences, Fam tours, trips and dinners with travel agents. I’m not saying that it’s wrong but what I mean is that it’s not enough. It’s time to spend and invest into digital marketing to salvage some direct business lest one day we all will be OTA named hotel corporations and that day is not too far. And hats off to the OTAs for pulling this off under our noses

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