Cygnett Lite now in Katra

Sarbendra Sarkar, Managing Director & Founder, Cygnett Hotels & Resorts, talks about the challenges, profits and expansion plans of the hotel.


Trying to cater the right product to the right audience, Sarbendra Sarkar, Managing Director and Founder, Cygnett Hotels & Resorts shares his plans on expanding the business. Speaking about the kind of relationship the company shares with agents, he says, “Online travel agencies (OTA) are a major challenge for physical agents to beat the digital price. Majorly, we are interacting with OTAs but we still try to maintain a healthy and long-term relationships with physical travel agents across the globe.” Providing customised offers based on the demand and supply of local market, Cygnett tries to create a winwin situation at both ends, for the company as well as the agents. However, it tries to use different performing strategies for different hotels as each hotel has its own type of audience.

The best time for our properties is from October to March as we enjoy the highest profitable growth during this period

Cygnett Lite, Katra will be an exciting addition to the Cygnett Hotels portfolio, believes Sarkar. He opines that the city of Jammu has vast potential for both business and hospitality growth, making it an obvious choice for the Cygnett Hotels brand. He says, “Cygnett always tries to provide response to its agents at the earliest and offer lucrative rates. We are trying to give different offers based on local market demands, location and dates, besides promoting our F&B outlets with good offers.”

“The best time for us is from October to March as we enjoy the highest profitable growth during this period,” adds Sarkar. “Having a room for every type of guest (economy to upscale), Cygnett efficiently caters to travel agents who are successfully able to cross sell our rooms for different cities.”


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