Collaborate to go green

Collaboration with brands that have a shared philosophy of sustainability helps hotels work for sustainable future, says Shruti Shibulal, CEO & Director, Tamara Leisure Experiences.

Hazel Jain

A huge advocate of green hotels, Shruti Shibulal, CEO & Director, Tamara Leisure Experiences, shares her perspective on how hotels can be sustainable. “Especially in the post-pandemic world, we have witnessed a significant shift in traveller preferences, one that has made sustainability a decision-driving criteria rather than a bonus or value add, as it used to be. People actively seek out immersive experiences with nature, mind and body wellness, clean food, and offerings that are authentic in terms of aligning with local cuisine, customs, and culture,” she says.

This consumer-driven demand has made sustainable travel a more profitable venture in recent years. It has allowed hoteliers to both expand and experiment with region-specific sustainability across several geographies. Shibulal says that collaborating with brands and initiatives that have a shared philosophy of wellness, sustainability and respect for nature helps. “Such collaborations help us elevate our hospitality offerings and customer experiences and create an eco-system of shared learning around sustainability,” she says.

How much to invest?

Sharing her perspective about the kind of budget hotels should allocate towards being sustainable, Shibulal says, “Strategically, we approach sustainability by embedding it in all our policies and practices. For determining investment, we consider financial viability at that particular moment in time, long-term impact, and the alignment of specific initiatives to our brand values.”

She says that typically, sustainable infrastructure will deliver returns on investment between one to five years.



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