Caper: The perfect launchpad for small business units

On the lookout to add more divisions to its existing portfolio, Caper Travel Company (CTC) and its group of SBUs reminisce their journey of growth with the company and highlight milestones along the way

“Caper’s journey from three passionate multitaskers to a team of over 300 professionals has been a roller-coaster ride, and a reflection of our determination and willpower. From a small one office room to our current corporate office and branches at multiple locations in India and over the world, we have been witness to both the highs and lows. Withstanding the hurdles, Caper today is a force to be reckoned with a host of accolades under our belt for our sundry contributions of tourism growth and proficient practices. One of the key differentiator has been my personal involvement in every aspect of the business. Now with a strong foundation, a pool of talent we are ready to push our growth to unimaginable levels. To achieve and accomplish our goals, we are all packed up ready to travel the extra mile and make our customers smile. In the coming years, the group has multiple plans of growth; one such endeavour is to go public. We aim for global presence, targeting markets untouched by Caper and its group of companies. We also invite professionals who aspire to live their dreams of entrepreneurship, to head new SBUs supported by CTC Holding. I have had an incredible”
Bharat Atree, CMD, Caper Group

“I have had an incredible journey as part of the Caper Group for the past 13 years. My life-changing journey began as a tour guide and slowly and steadily I moved on to now heading the group under the guidance of our CMD Bharat Bhushan Atree. I have grabbed and optimised every opportunity that came my way and strengthened my knowledge regarding all aspects pertaining to the travel business. Currently I am overseeing Caper’s latest venture, software development. The technology plans to steer our company ahead of our peers. Our company’s logo, ‘Live your dreams’ is not just for our guests but also for all members of staff working for the company.”
Anupam Kumar, Director, Caper Group

“My ceaseless association with Caper goes back 18 years, and it has been an honour to help lead one of largest and foremost tour operators of India. On the other hand, Hi-life Tours and Travel is a technology driven online company and a specialist in B2C segment servicing end travellers from across the globe. Branching out from CTC Group and creating its own brand identity was a strategic decision so that the young company can focus on its core values of serving independent travellers in their planning, organising and operating tours to India and ensure they return with good memories.”
Vishal Jaiswal, CEO, Caper Travels and Director, Hi-Life Tours and Travel

“As part of Aayan Journeys, I am responsible for devising an effective strategy and, overseeing operations and supervising partnerships for Australasia. Applying 30 years of experience in operations, customer relations and sales with specialisation in developing new markets, our efforts and hard work have begun to pay off as we have managed to capture close to 20 per cent of the market in less than two years. Aayan Journeys is one of the top emerging Indian DMCs in the luxury segment and we endeavour to acquire 50 per cent of the Australasian market in the next three years.”
Sanjeev Chopra, CEO, Aayan Journeys

“Having been associated with the industry over three decades, we came together to form a joint venture travel company ‘Aamantaran’. It was an incontestable choice keeping in mind the resilient foundation of The Caper Group and also the leadership of Mr. Atree, who is responsible for furthering business to the corners of the world. The journey in the past few years has been challenging due to the metamorphic market scenario, however I am upbeat that the support of The CTC Group and the changing dynamics of travel, Aamantaran will soon be a leader in all markets around the globe.”
Deepak Bhatnagar, Managing Director, Aamantaran Travel Company

“My tryst with CTC started over a cup of coffee some years ago. We instantly got along as we both shared a similar vision and passion, which was a chiefly motivational factor behind forming the association. Within a span of three years, Era Hotels & Resorts’ portfolio includes 5 hotels and 270 rooms across Goa and Mussoorie, with two more properties opening over the next three months in Goa and Bengaluru. We aim to be a major player in the hospitality sector and aim at adding 20 properties in Rajasthan, Kerala and the hills of North India.”
Vinay Albuquerque, COO, Era Hotels & Resorts

“Internet has changed the way we live, travel and work, by offering new tools and opportunities. Tourism business too is evolving with time. This is why we feel the need to provide travel solutions through extensive research and development in understanding international and domestic ERP solution to now package a world-class solution in two of its offering Formula Uno & Easyhols a complete turn-key ERP Travel Solution. I have been associated with Softtix Technology from its inception, and the company has hugely benefitted from the CTC group.”
Sean Kennedy, Co-Founder & CEO, Softtix Technology FINA

Being associated with the aviation industry for the last two decades and being wi8tmness to the gradual increase of traffic to India has brought the group to my focus, thanks to its widespread global presence. Being appointed as the president of Jetconcepts has given me great insight into markets which were earlier inaccessible as also with the free reign given to develop the internal system. We hope to retain our prime position in the market in Trip support services and also look forward in moving and adapting to new client base which is being developed and pursued by our company.”
Rakesh Mathur, President, Jetconcepts

“It has been an implausible journey with CTC Group for the past 13 years. Slowly and steadily I have groomed with the Caper Group and learned a lot about the travel domain. Pegasus is a luxury transport service provider that works with the core idea of pampering travellers with the best on-road experience. An extensive fleet of the most luxurious cars are equipped with GPS and in-house software, which can either be chauffeur driven or self-driven and serves the demands of customers. We aim towards being the largest transport service provider contributing towards Indian economic growth.”
Anurag Jain, Director, Pegasus

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