Caper plans to give back with NGO

Caper Travel Company is venturing into newer markets like the Middle East and China and is planning to support smaller tourism units under its banner. Bharat Bhushan Atree, Managing Director, Caper Travel Company, elaborates on the company’s vision and opines the way forward to boost inbound tourism.

Q What new can be expected from Caper Travel Company?

Caper Group is venturing into newer territories such as the Middle East and China. There is also a regular upgradation and introduction of new products for clients from various parts of the world. We are opening offices not just in India but also overseas. We have already branched into related services such as flight handling with Jet Concepts, software development with Softix, transport with Pegasus and hotel acquisition, management and hospitality with Era. It is our endeavour to continue to expand in allied services. Our latest and upcoming project is to open an NGO under CSR with an aim to provide basics for the underprivileged children and senior citizens. We have also started working towards making Caper Group a Public Limited Company in the coming times.

Q In the near future, what are the plans for expansion of the company?

Expansion is an ongoing process and it is a prerequisite for any organisation to survive and sustain. At Caper, we are expanding our horizons through the acquisition of smaller companies which are unable to preserve themselves, bringing them under the banner and extending support in finance, marketing, operations and any other areas requiring assistance.

Q How will the various verticals of CTC be instrumental in growing inbound tourism to India?

CTC has its verticals placed strategically in different markets to avoid a clash of interests. All verticals of the group are profitable and work in a way that complement rather than compete with each other.

Q Caper Travels received the National Tourism Award this year. Please comment.

Caper Group has been the recipient of the National Award for Tourism now for eight times. To be recognised on a nationwide platform and chosen among the many hundreds, adds laurels to our achievements. An award is not just for oneself but for the entire staff who works unwearied to provide services to each traveller. Awards not only set you apart from the rest, but they also add credibility to the company especially for new agents from new markets. It definitely boosts business as it acknowledges reliability, reputation and acceptability.

Q According to you, what strategy should the tourism and hospitality industry adopt to boost India’s position on the global tourism map?

In today’s times, it is important for the industry to stand united and seek favourable polices from the government instead of adopting strategies which are detrimental for the tourism industry as a whole. We all know that tourism is an employment generator, foreign exchange earner, promoter of art and culture and hence, is a major contributor in the process of nation building. There is an inherent need to sensitise the masses regarding the importance of tourism and thereby, give them a sense of pride in their own history and culture. Though India has evolved with regard to tourism and hospitality infrastructure over the past few decades, the need of the hour is addition of more soft skills, values, experiences, a warm and positive atmosphere, peace and maintenance of law and order to enhance India’s popularity as a travel destination of choice. ASI should also invite and involve large corporates or tour operators under the ‘Adopt a Heritage’ campaign as a CSR activity for better upkeep, landscaping and beautification of the monument. This could be a great initiative and every firm for whom this is commercially viable should engage themselves in this endeavour. Over and above everything, I feel, we as citizens have to be proud of our country’s heritage, culture and diversity. It is only then can we expect foreign tourists to show interest and visit our country.

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