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Smartling facilitates translation of web pages into the local languages of targeted markets, generating new revenue streams and covering a wider network of tourists.

According to a report by Common Sense Advisory – Can’t Read, Won’t Buy, 2014, 75 per cent of the buyers strongly agree that when faced with the choice of two similar products, they are more likely to purchase the one that has product information in their own language. Smartling translation management software helps the travel and hospitality companies localise their websites and create a customer journey that is sufficient to generate the highest amount of return on investment for their applications.

Kyle Martinowich, Sales Director, USA, Smartling, believes localisation is instrumental in creating newer revenue sources and also helps expand the customer base in markets other than the source markets. He says, “A company which wishes to diversify its revenue streams and target newer set of consumers can consider venturing into, for example, the German or Dutch market and for that content should be localised according to that source market.” He identifies hyper local products like Airbnb, Uber, TripAdvisor as the most important ones to localise their content as they provide instant gratification. Localisation can be done at any level of maturity for a company operating through web or through mobile. Martinowich advises that companies should look at where the individuals are coming from across the Internet and if they see an uptake in individuals coming from a certain location only then they should consider localising to that language.

Citing examples, he points out that in the case of InterContinental Hotel Group (IHG), 96 per cent of translations were published without requiring any corrections; HootSuite saw 33 per cent reduction in its annual expense within one year of implementing Smarting. Commenting on the trends emerging from the India market, he says, “Indians are going to local languages for the domestic market where earlier they were sticking to English. Domestic market has seen the highest growth in 25 years and to keep that up localisation is extremely important. Also, localisation is instrumental in longer, extended stays amongst the young travellers.

Tech Specs:
– 84 per cent of the global population is reached by mobile-broadband network (Source: ITU, ITC Facts and Figures, 2016) Many companies feel there translation quality is bad but have no means to measure it.
– Only 41 per cent of translation providers measure translation quality, almost 64 per cent of these providers are regularly asked to rework
“Localisation is instrumental in longer, extended stays amongst the young travellers”
– Kyle Martinowich Sales Director, USA Smartling

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