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Having created a niche for itself in the Indian market, Europamundo Global Tours is on a growth spree in the country and is introducing new products as well as India-specific service and food for travellers.

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For Europamundo Global Tours, the last one year has been quite progressive, agrees Aparna C Basumalik, Country Head—India, Europamundo Vacaciones. “The first five months of the year saw us surpassing our sales in 2017. Hence, we are now looking at closing the year on a high note,” she added.

Looking forward, the company has many plans for India. “The support from the trade has encouraged us to introduce new products, and we have launched Israel and Jordan recently. The winter products have been well-accepted as we have a good selection of tours during winter months,” she revealed.

Although Europamundo is for European coach tours, we also have tours to Japan, Mexico, Turkey, USA, Israel and Jordan

They are even pre-launching new products in the market to boost trade. “To give the trade a headstart into the season, we had our pre-launch. This gives a cost benefit too. Further, it’s a great platform for those venturing out into doing small groups. And, specifically for the Indian market, we are increasing the number of tours comprising the option of Indian meals,” informed Basumalik.

In fact, with these offerings, professional service and add-ons by Europamundo, the brand has created a niche for itself in the Indian market. “The surge in the numbers year-on-year is a clear indication that both the travellers and the agents have now begun to understand the concept of the firm. The number of agents who have our login IDs increase every week. Also, it is important to highlight that although the market knows Europamundo majorly for European coach tours, we also have popular coach tours to Japan, Mexico, Turkey, USA and now Israel and Jordan,” she said.

Basumalik also shared some advantages Indians can enjoy on choosing Europamundo. She said, “Europamundo has some unique features that are a big plus for the Indian traveller, which include round-the-year guaranteed departures. In fact, families with kids get not just the child price, but also an extra room. There is also sector sale and one can start at any city on a rotary programme.”

Currently, Europamundo sells through its listed distributors, which, in turn appoints sales agents throughout India. Basumalik revealed that this number is growing. “Our annual sales conference will be in Moscow at the end of October and will be attended by agents from 173 countries. Besides celebrating the success of the team, it’s great to meet the trade that works in tandem globally,” claimed Basumalick.

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