‘Breaking stereotypes’

Ruchi Uberai, Director, Amritara Hotels & Resorts, says pace of women breaking down barriers of family obligations to pursue successful careers is on the rise.

Janice Alyosius

Hotel industry dynamics have drastically changed in recent years and what were once perceived as male-dominated fields have now been successfully taken over by women. “The pace of women breaking down the barriers of family obligations to pursue successful careers is on the rise, and I believe we are on the right track. Having this paradigm shift in the gender role was long overdue, and I am delighted to see it finally come about,” shared Ruchi Uberai, Director, Amritara Hotels & Resorts.

“Strong female leadership is considered one of the biggest assets within a people-oriented industry. Various companies are trying to initiate the same by introducing supportive HR policies like flexible schedules, flexible leave policies and maternity benefits. We also plan to conduct special training and health talk sessions for female employees at Amritara Hotels and Resorts,” she said.

When asked what kept her motivated during the pandemic, she said, “By keeping the interests of our staff first, we have kept attrition to a minimum. In our view, profitability is secondary to survival, and the pandemic has taught us to consolidate, train, and focus on planning, implementation and upgrading technology to be re-opening ready. As a female leader, I have always believed in balancing deliberate and instinctive opinions. My team, my employees, and my promptness to survive and thrive kept me motivated during the pandemic.”

During the past decades, the hospitality industry has changed in terms of gender equality. “One of the biggest challenges for a woman was to excel and be a leader, unlike any other industry. However, I am glad to be part of this generation in which women are breaking stereotypes. More women are not at the helm of leadership positions now.

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