Blending luxury with Nature

Nestled within a 20-acre expanse adjacent to a 2,000-acre reserved forest, Grape County Eco-Resort is a harmonious blend of luxury and nature. Tejas Chavan, Director, Grape County Eco-Resort and Viveda Wellness, shares insights into their sustainability commitment, highlighting the resort’s water conservation efforts benefiting the environment and wildlife.

Janice Alyosius

Grape County Eco-Resort, nestled on a 20-acre landscape adjacent to a 2,000-acre reserved forest land, isn’t just for relaxing; it’s also a great example of how luxury and nature can go together peacefully. Established in December 2016, Grape County’s guiding philosophy is “Co-Exist with Nature”, and this mantra permeates every aspect of its operation.

Tejas Chavan, Director, Grape County Eco-Resort and Viveda Wellness, says that sustainability is deeply rooted in the resort’s core values. “The core of our functioning is centred around ‘Nature’. We believe that Nature always takes care of us, so we need to take care of it. Our commitment to everything nature-friendly can be seen in our ambition to always lookout for innovative and sustainable options. We take pride in our employees and all the members of our team in their enthusiasm towards sustainability,” he says.

The resort has been awarded for its innovative sustainability efforts over the years. Notable accolades include the 5-star rating by The Energy Research Institution, Delhi (TERI), the Best Renewable Energy Utilization award, the “Vanashree Award” for planting over 35,000 trees, and the “Vasundhara Award 2019”.

In line with its sustainability goals, Grape County has implemented several water conservation initiatives. “We have introduced water-efficient plumbing fixtures, including dual-flush water closets, low-flow aerator faucets, low-flow showerheads, and sensor urinals to minimize water wastage. These fixtures have significantly reduced water consumption,” Chavan highlights.

However, the most remarkable aspect of Grape County’s water reservation efforts is the creation of three man-made lakes on their property, boasting a total storage capacity of approximately 21 crore litres of water. “In addition to the three man-made lakes on our property, we have built several ponds and wells on the property for rainwater harvesting. This collected water is used for irrigating our plants. Furthermore, the percolated water has raised the groundwater level in the region, enhancing soil quality and supporting the thriving flora and fauna. The lakes have also attracted numerous migrating birds, and various fish species are flourishing in the ecosystem,” he tells.

Grape County’s lakes alone have saved a staggering amount of water, with Lake 3 leading the way by conserving 5.5 crore liters. The positive impact of Grape County’s water conservation efforts extends beyond the resort’s boundaries.



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