ATM to decode preferences

Arabian Travel Market (ATM) 2020 will bring together tourism experts to deliberate on how different traveller generations can be tapped. While they are united in the kind of experience they seek, their preferences differ greatly, often leaving marketers perplexed.

Tripti Mehta

The burgeoning global tours and activities market is estimated to be worth $183 billion this year. Travellers from across the globe, representing all generations, now have a common inter- est in activities and experiences that are influencing and, in many cases, driving their travel decisions. While all generations are in sync when it comes to the type of activities or experiences they seek, what makes the process complex are their individual preferences. This is a challenge that marketers face in trying to engage with them. At this year’s edition, Arabian Travel Market will host a series of seminars identifying the latest in hospitality concepts as well as the most recent trends in cultural tourism, to future developments in the wellness economy and responsible tourism. Danielle Curtis, Exhibition Director ME, Arabian Travel Market 2020, says, “ATM seminars will also be examining how hotels, destinations, attractions, tours and other activities are created, packaged and priced to meet demand. We will also be launching the Middle East’s first-ever edition of Arrival Dubai @ ATM showcasing the next generation of in-destination trends and innovation, as well as exploring the various opportunities that the sector presents.” She adds that one emerging trend that experts will be watching is Generation Alpha – children of the millennials.

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