Anything for recommendations

With regard to the personalisation-privacy paradox, 64 per cent of Asia Pacific travellers interviewed are open to sharing personal data for more relevant offers and personalised experiences, according to Amadeus’ Journey of Me Insights report. Somewhat more cautious, 71 per cent of Indian travellers feel the same.

Openness to sharing personal information with travel providers

  • In the face of rising privacy concerns, some boundaries must be maintained and at all times, travel providers must respect and protect personal data and the need for privacy. And above and beyond adhering to legislation, travel players must be able to articulate ‘what’s the value?’ to get travellers to share their data.
  • From when and how Indian travellers plan and book their trips, to how and why they want to stay connected while travelling, to how frequently they use sharing economy services, and the types of new technologies they would be most interested in, the study takes a multi-faceted look at what Indian travellers want.

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