‘A gateway to Madhya Pradesh’

RH Khwaja, Former Secretary (2010-2012), Ministry of Tourism, offers a compelling review of ‘Zero and Beyond’, a coffee-table book by SK Mishra. The book offers a visual journey into Madhya Pradesh through Mishra’s lens. Khwaja recommends the book specially to those who love the natural treasures of the state.

Zero and Beyond, authored by SK Mishra and edited by Khushi Mishra, is a delightful coffee table book on Madhya Pradesh. It is aesthetically pleasing and innovatively conceptualised with evocative photographs. The text is interesting, informative and lucidly composed. The author has avoided unnecessary trivialities and focused on relevant anecdotal stories and legends of the places he has covered in his photographic adventures. This significantly enhances the value of this beautiful book. I am particularly fascinated by the title of the book and the manner in which the author skilfully weaves his photographs with the text with Mahakal in Ujjain, and then goes beyond to the rich cultural, historical and natural wonders of Madhya Pradesh. I am equally enchanted by creative expressions like time measurement symbols merging with the time span of places covered. The contents are captivatingly presented. The holy trail and crossword are interesting and engagingly presented.

I emphatically recommend this book to all those interested in exploring and absorbing the manmade and natural treasures of Madhya Pradesh. This splendid effort is a must-possess book for all lovers of culture, heritage and nature. It is a gateway to discovering Madhya Pradesh in all its varied charms for discerning persons who value human creativity and natural beauty at its inimitable best.  My sincere compliments to SK Mishra and Khushi Mishra for their labour of love culminating in this captivating coffee table book.

Key details on Zero and Beyond

Type: Hard-bound cover, hand sewn, offset printing
Dimension: Height – 24 cm, Width – 33 cm
Price: Rs 3,000
To order a copy and for further details, an email may be sent to the author at s_kmishra@yahoo.com.


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