A-350 on Delhi-Bangkok route

Along with bringing its latest aircraft, Thai Airways is set to connect more Tier-II cities with Thai Smile, reveals Viset Sontichai, Director-Indian Sub-continent, Thai Airways.

To stress on the importance India holds for Thai Airways, the airline is focusing on increasing the number of flights between India and Thailand. Viset Sontichai said, “At the moment, we have over 70 flights-a-week on Thai Airways and Thai Smile between the two countries. Thai Smile is under Thai Airways’ umbrella, and operates to Lucknow, Jaipur as well as Gaya and Varanasi. They are also looking to fly to more destinations like Cochin, Guwahati, and Chandigarh. With Thai Airways, we are also looking to fly to Amritsar.”

Sontichai also revealed that they have new fares for the Indian market. “We are offering very good fare in the market and we continue to do it with Thai Airways, which is high standard, premium airline with great service and big aircraft,” he said. Talking of the connections they offer, he said, “We just introduced Moscow and opened a new operation into Tehran. We have very good connections into Australia and New Zealand. We are number one carrier from India to New Zealand in this market, especially Delhi.

We have a double daily flight from Mumbai, which is 10 flights per week, and is very good in terms of connections to Australia, New Zealand, North Asia as well as South Asia.” He added that even Thai Smile offers further connections in and out of India.
“Thai Smile, for example, can connect Lucknow and Hong Kong. Even Jaipur is a very good destination for tourists around the world, and Thai Smile offers that connection via Bangkok,” he said. Thai Airways has seen a considerable growth in the past year. “For India, there is approximately 13-per cent increase compared to last year. We are also looking forward to our new aircraft A-350 that is scheduled to operate to Delhi in June this year. We are very excited, and after Delhi, where we have 19 flights in a week, we would also target to bring the new aircraft to Mumbai as well,” he revealed.

“Jaipur is a very good destination for tourists around the world, and Thai Smile offers that connection via Bangkok”

– Viset Sontichai Director-Indian Sub-continent Thai Airways

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