200% growth in 2017-18

Sanit Kumar Sharma, Managing Director, Click On Trip, believes that in the B2B space, the company is moving in the right direction and is all set to enter the B2B railway services.

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Sanit Kumar Sharma, Managing Director, Click On Trip, claims that the advantage of partnering with the company lies in its excellent position to offer competitive rates/air fares on all domestic and international airlines as compared to any other B2B travel company. “We have superior deals with Jet Airways, Air India and Vistara, which we pass on to our associates and partners. Moreover, our partners are free to offer their own fares on our platform unlike elsewhere,” added Sharma.

This is the reason, he insists, behind the immense growth year-on-year. “We saw 100 per cent growth in 2015-16, which increased to 150 per cent in 2016-17 and around 200 per cent in 2017-18. This has motivated us to expand our operations on several fronts. We have added additional office premises and personnel to manage the growth. We are confidently aiming to achieve a turnover growth over 250 per cent in 2018-19.”

The company has also opened a new office in Mumbai. “We have acquired office premises at the prestigious Nariman Point area of South Mumbai. It will be a fully functional one shortly. This will help us get a firm foothold in the country’s commercial capital with excellent growth prospects,” he claimed.

Referring to the team as the company’s strength, Sharma said, “All our employees are industry qualified and well-trained with hands-on-experience. They proactively guide, assist, train and encourage our trade partners regularly by visiting offices. We organise periodic review meetings followed by interactive conferences. Such brainstorming sessions have helped us achieve our goals jointly much faster than anticipated. We are now hopeful of opening our branch offices in other metro and Tier A cities of India by Diwali 2019.”

For Click On Trip India, the horizons are big as it is reaching out to various markets in the country and around the world. “We are regular participants at national trade fairs. We hope to have our footprints in several Asian countries like Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and Hong Kong soon,” he revealed. The company is set to now venture into B2B railway services.

Our new office at Nariman Point in South Mumbai will help us get a firm foothold in the country’s commercial capital with excellent growth prospects


  • As per the company’s growth targets, Click On Trip is already planning to participate in international trade fairs in Southeast Asian countries, Dubai and hopefully in Europe next year

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